Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back home...

Cause everything beautiful and amazing has to end, that's exactly what happened when we stepped our foot at the airport of Athens...

Touring with Λήθη was one of the strongest experience that anyone can have in his life..We have established a friendship with a lot of love, snorring and farting..Obviously there's a special bond between Conspiracy of Denial and Λήθη (I'm telling him that I like him and if he understands it! )
Everything was great, the people,the places, the shows were amazing. Fortunately we met very nice guys that show to us their hospitality and ,the most important, their appreciation and respect to bands and generally to people traveling or touring  from an other country. A very big thanx!!

It was so exciting and we are looking forward for the next tour (hopefully very soon)


All our love and a big hug to our dearest friend Dr.George II who joined us in this beautiful trip..

Thanx and respect to the bands that we played together Sickmark, Somerset, November 13th, Rainmaker, Yack, Lektaminal, Kerretta, Piss, Czosnek and everyone that hunged out with us, fed us, supported us..
A very special thanx to Lars, Fee, Janne, Myriam, Julian, Hannes and Ruins, Jungbluth, Christian, Seppe, Goldie, Ines, Opoe and Hendrik..

Best regards
Conspiracy of Denial

PS: we had also a horse illegaly traveling with us..