Friday, June 21, 2013

live @ kerameikos

Saturday 29th of June those of you stuck in Athens
don't miss this.

Hardcore live in the streets #2
Taking place at the crossroad of Σαλαμίνος & Σφακτηρίας same as last year.

With Dirty Wombs from Patra and Gutter who just released their split lp.
Backlash a japanese hardcore band from Finland touring away from home and Ήλιος Θανάτου
local band from Athens playing their first gig.

Starts at 21:00 with a lotta nerve and short fuse..
Be there early!

Monday, June 17, 2013

lp coming up....

There's nothing better than going through the door to realize that the test pressings have arrived..
The moment I got them on my hand I couldn't wait to play the damn thing.
So I guess this is it, soon we will be releasing our 1st lp.
Stay tuned...