Monday, May 26, 2014

Tattoo circus VI

 We 're very happy that we will visit again Salonika and playing this live show along with our dearest friends Λήθη, Lifewreck and Καταχνιά in such an excellent event as tattoo circus. We 're looking forward to it..Don't miss it..See you there!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back home...

Cause everything beautiful and amazing has to end, that's exactly what happened when we stepped our foot at the airport of Athens...

Touring with Λήθη was one of the strongest experience that anyone can have in his life..We have established a friendship with a lot of love, snorring and farting..Obviously there's a special bond between Conspiracy of Denial and Λήθη (I'm telling him that I like him and if he understands it! )
Everything was great, the people,the places, the shows were amazing. Fortunately we met very nice guys that show to us their hospitality and ,the most important, their appreciation and respect to bands and generally to people traveling or touring  from an other country. A very big thanx!!

It was so exciting and we are looking forward for the next tour (hopefully very soon)


All our love and a big hug to our dearest friend Dr.George II who joined us in this beautiful trip..

Thanx and respect to the bands that we played together Sickmark, Somerset, November 13th, Rainmaker, Yack, Lektaminal, Kerretta, Piss, Czosnek and everyone that hunged out with us, fed us, supported us..
A very special thanx to Lars, Fee, Janne, Myriam, Julian, Hannes and Ruins, Jungbluth, Christian, Seppe, Goldie, Ines, Opoe and Hendrik..

Best regards
Conspiracy of Denial

PS: we had also a horse illegaly traveling with us..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL - ΛΗΘΗ european tour 2014

We are ready for our european tour with our dearest friends Λήθη and we are very excited that we 'll meet nice people and play the music that we like  and  definetely it will be a devastating experience.
Here are the dates of the shows

12/4/2014  Hamburg      Germany
13/4/2014  Bielefeld      Germany
14/4/2014  Leuven         Belgium
15/4/2014  Gent             Belgium
17/4/2014  Bremen        Germany
18/4/2014  Amsterdam  Netherlands
19/4/2014  Hannover     Germany
20/4/2014  Berlin           Germany

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Going on Tour

 April is just around the corner and we are getting ready for the tour in Europe with ΛΗΘΗ (LETHE) from Patra.
Tour dates will be posted soon....

In the meantime we 're keeping busy, got an old printworkshop going to make some posters and some patches for the punx.

Check it out....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Live 23/11/2013 Patra

We are very happy that we ll be back once again in Patra, one of our favourite places , to play in this awesome live show with our close friends Dirty Wombs, Lifewreck, Gutter and Ηλιος Θανάτου at prokat35 this Saturday.It will be a crazy weekend in this city as always..we can't wait.
Don't miss it!!It's good for your health..

Get it now!

Here is our new album...we are very excited!We hope you are too..

you can order and buy it directly from the band,just send us an e-mail at

and also from  &

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

uploaded songs

And for those of you who haven't got the chance to get the LP can check out our songs on bandcamp.
CHeck it out.